About Online Feed Formulation

Online Feed Formulator is a web application developed for facilating feed formulation. With Online Feed Formulator, users just need to select flock nutritional requirement and feed ingredients from simple lists. Also for professional users, it is possible to define specific animal nutritional requirements and feed ingredients. FeedOnline benefits the supervision of university researchers in Department of Animal Science, faculty of Agriculture, IAU, Qaemshahr branch.

Jirenevis (Online Feed Formulator) is devoloped and supported by programming and nutrition specialists R. Abdullahpour and V. Rezaeipour, in BYST, a private firm providing consultancy and educational services to aqua, poultry and livestock sectors in Iran. BYST has an office at the Growth center of innovative units in Qaemshahr branch of IAU, working under the close supervition of Mazandaran Science and Technology Park.